What is Bible Plan?
The main goal of Bible Plan is to make it easier to read the Bible. The best way we have found to keep a daily reminder is through email. We will email your chosen plan’s chapters to you daily.
How much does it cost?
Subscribing to plans is a free service, there are no fees for receiving or viewing plans. Donations are appreciated, but purely optional.
Is my information confidential?
Yes, your email address is safe with us. We do not sell or share your email address with any third parties.
How do I unsubscribe?
Look for the the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of every daily email to manage your subscriptions. Unsubscribing is instant and hassle-free.
I am receiving the wrong chapters for today’s date! How do I change it?
When you subscribed to the plan there was a “Initial Reading Date” field to fill in. The default value of that is “tomorrow” so that your first email is the first email of the plan. If you would prefer to jump into the plan at some point other than the 1st day, simply choose a different date (e.g. Jan 1st). To change your date, click the “Edit” link at the bottom of the email to access the “management” page for your subscriptions.
How can I receive the email at a different time of day?
Click the “Edit” link at the bottom of each daily mail to access the settings for all of your plans. Change the “Daily Send Time” value to the hour you choose. Our server is in the USA and operates on the Eastern Standard Time. If you want your mail sent before midnight on our server you may need to also move your “start date” back one day to continue receiving the correct readings. E.g a Send Time of 10pm will be received at 3am in London, but you will need to change your Initial Date from Jan 1st to Dec 31st to receive the right mail
Who started Bible Plan?
BiblePlan was started by Pastor Dean Wall in 2001.
Dean was promoted to his Heavenly home in November 2013. He went to sleep and woke up in Heaven. The passion of his heart was to help people. We try to carry that same spirit into the ministry today. Below are a few quotes from Dean, taken from his writing.

“Have you heard the Good News?
God loves you more than you love yourself.
And He proved it through Jesus Christ.
What do you think about that?”

“My mission in life is to walk with God and do His will.
There is no greater privilege — no greater goal.”

“Therefore I am involved in helping people,
because God’s nature is to help people. ”

Dean also maintained http://adevotion.org and http://www.believers.org. The latter contains some of his teachings in audio form.

Have an unanswered question?
Please just send us an email with comments/questions/suggestions. (Or email support -at- bibleplan.org)