Which Bible to use is a matter of considerable difference of opinion among Christians. Each translation has its strong points and its weak points. The important thing is that you read the Bible, understand it, and apply it.

If at all possible, you should have several Bibles, and read them all!


Contemporary English Version as an easy-to-understand English translation and the New King James for more detailed study. Both can be ordered inexpensively from the American Bible Society.

The American Bible Society and the International Bible Society are the best places to purchase inexpensive Bibles. The American Bible Society also offers Bible translations in many different languages. You may also find it beneficial to compare prices at Bibles At Cost.

Other Options

Many of you will appreciate having a parallel version, with several translations of the New Testament in one volume. The Contemporary Parallel New Testament includes: KJV, NASB, New Century, CEV, NIV, New Living, NKJ, and The Message.

The Eight Translation New Testament includes: KJV, TEV, Phillips, RSV, NIV, Living, Jerusalem, and NEB!

The Book (NLT)
The New Living Translation is one of the most recent major translations. It is a revision of the Living Bible — and is much improved.

Concordant Literal New Testament
Very helpful for study. Attempts to be consistent in translation to enable the English reader to grasp the original Greek words. Very literal, and thus not as easy to read.

Serendipity Bible (NIV)
The New International Version is today’s best-selling translation. This edition also has helps for individual and small group study.

Enjoyable to Read

I love Bibles and buy all the different translations I can. The following are enjoyable to read and help you get a fresh perspective because they endeavor to translate the thoughts — not just the literal words. Therefore, these are not the best for study, but are excellent for devotional reading.

The New Testament
by William Barclay

New Testament in Modern English
by J. B. Phillips

Cotton Patch Version of Matthew and John

Cotton Patch Version of Luke and Acts: Jesus' Doings and the Happenings

Cotton Patch Version of Paul's Epistles
by Clarence Jordan
Not like any other Bible you have ever read! Contemporary, yet done by a scholar attempting to impact us like the original hearers of the New Testament were impacted.

Bible Studies

See our page listing recommended Bible Studies.